Dog Beach, Road Construction and New St. Pete Beach Mobile App! A Q&A with PAG Commissioner Melinda Pletcher

Dog Beach, Road Construction and New St. Pete Beach Mobile App! 

Why the Dog Beach Ban? (answered by Melinda Pletcher, City Commissioner for PAG)

Due to an increasing amount of dog owners who chose to ignore the leash laws and by doing so caused residents to lose quiet enjoyment of their homes, infringing on their property rights, an ordinance was passed by St. Pete Beach Commissioners to ban dogs on the small bayside beach near the end of Pass-a-Grille.

Due to the overwhelming response from residents who want their dogs to have a waterfront/beach experience, we are in the process of  a compromise that will allow paws in the sand while still protecting the personal property rights of the nearby residents.  Over 50 residents met at the Don Vista Center last week to help identify options that are now being reviewed by the City.  If you were not able to attend the meeting and would like to be heard on this matter, feel free to call me anytime.  I apologize for those that were offended by this change and hope that we can show respect for those of differing opinions on this issue.  Isn’t that what we all love about Pass A Grille anyway, the diversity and uniqueness of it’s residents and guests who visit us!  We are all on the same team and at it’s core is the LOVE of PASS A GRILLE!

(Contact Melinda Pletcher: to let her know your thoughts or ideas on the subject.  Make sure you are signed up for my PAG e-Newsletter as I will be updating everyone on progress.   If we would have all been more involved the ordinance would likely not have been passed based on the support we are seeing for the doggie access.  Most of us only realized it as it went for final vote.  A dog friendly environment is just one of the reasons residents and visitors love PAG so much and banning dogs on this small section of beach jeopardizes a way of life many residents and visitors have come to enjoy with their pets and families.  Melinda recommends to those that want to be more involved with policy decisions and to find out what’s happening in the city, you can check their website   Be vigilant about checking the agenda for the monthly city commission meetings -attending the meetings really does make a difference!)

Note:  We welcome dogs everywhere else in PAG including dog friendly dining on 8th Ave at Su Ottavo and Vida de Cafe, the Hurricane Seafood Restaurant outdoor dining patio, Paradise Grille and on the pavillion next to the Grille for sunset watching. Island’s End hotel accepts pets too.


When will the Pass-a-Grille Way Road Construction Begin? (answered by Ian Wade, Project Manager at City of St. Pete Beach)

Due to recent weather and other factors, commencement of full time construction activities, specifically the excavation for potable water line replacement, has been delayed several weeks.  At yesterday’s weekly progress meeting held in Pass-A-Grille, Nelson construction informed City staff that lane closures for these excavations and removal of the existing Washingtonia Palms in the first phase of the project (W. Maritana Drive to 30th Avenue) is now anticipated to begin next week, as early as Monday 8/17.

When you have questions go to Fred Shepard (he will be onsite everyday and have an office in a construction trailer in Hurley Park)..who was hired by city to oversee construction and be point man for residents. His number is 813-310-7291   “Do not ask the guy with the shovel..he knows nothing”  But most of all: 



What is the new St. Pete Beach Mobile App all about?

The City of St. Pete Beach will provide real-time status updates and comments on the submitted requests via the new mobile app SPB Connect. SPB Connect is a free service and is available in the Apple App Store  and Google Play for immediate use. It is also available for use on a computer or Ipad from this link SPB Connect.

(I searched SPB Connect on my iphone’s “App Store” – it pulled it right up and I was able to download it with no problem. It’s really terrific so check it out)



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    • Maggie
      Reply Maggie

      Debbie – thanks for your comment. Please keep in mind that Pass-a-Grille is still very dog friendly. Dogs are everywhere: Paradise Grille and the pavillion next to it is very popular with dog lovers like us, The Hurricane’s outside dining patio is dog friendly, Islands End Resort is dog friendly and we are all working hard to get that slice of beach back for our pups. PAG loves dogs!

  1. Maggie
    Reply Maggie

    thanks for your comment Joe but I disagree. The slice of beach that previously allowed dogs was not frequented by people. It was on the bayside and the only dog friendly spot on St. Pete Beach for dogs to frolic in the water. There is plenty of public beach for people to enjoy free of dogs.

  2. Reply Sarah

    We recently visited and thought somewhere on St. Pete there will be a beach for dogs, so to our dismay, every sign said no dogs allowed (we brought our little 13 year old westie for probably her last trip to sunshine) We stopped a beach patrol and asked if there was anywhere to walk our puppy She took us all the way to the end and showed us a spot where our little one could enjoy the water. I agree with everyone who thinks their should definitely be a spot for well behaved dogs to have fun at the beach. We will be back and we always have a little dog, so really would like to keep uptodate with this article..thank you, from a lover of PAG

    • Maggie
      Reply Maggie

      Hi Sarah – thanks for your feedback. We are happy to report that the dog beach at 1st Ave in PAG will remain as long as dogs are on leash. Happy tails!

      • Reply Armin Heinzmann

        Hope we won’t see the same mess at the end as in Fort Myers Beach where unleashed dogs are chasing wildlife and children and nobody cleans after their dogs. Will never return there.

        • Maggie
          Reply Maggie

          Armin it is a very small area of beach at the end of the road on the bay side. There is plenty of dog free beach for you to enjoy.

  3. Reply Cathy Kirchner

    Where can I get a copy of the dog beach rules that have been posted at the dog beach area?

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