I Luv AMI!

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I want to thank PAG resident and AMI board member Lisa Marone for inspiring me to visit AMI and spread the word. Pass-a-Grille residents and businesses should be proud and supportive of this really incredible organization that’s making a difference in young people’s lives right here in our own backyard.  If you haven’t had the pleasure of a tour, read ahead for more. P.S.  This is my first blog attempt and I’m not a writer but the Beaches Visitors Guide has a terrific writer Kim Rebman so I asked them to tour with me and I hope you enjoy her article as much as I did -very informative. Donate to AMI!!!

For the article and pictures click here:  http://www.thebeachesvisitorsguide.com/ami-kids-pinellas/

See ya at the beach!  Maggie



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  1. Reply Sara

    It is a very sad day today just found out the AMIKIDS of Pass a Grill was closed today. My child has been going there for a year and now he has no school to attend. Just like most the other kids there don’t. Every adult that was involved in that school not only taught those kids, but also help counsel them. Those children not only are struggling with school most of them have some type of other issue, now they have nothing. Every student chose to go to summer school some didn’t even have to, but they wanted to, to get their credits up and to stay out of trouble for the summer. I wish more people knew about this school and could voice their opinions about it. I never seen so many 15,16, and 17 year olds coming out upset and their eyes swelled up over something like this. I just feel as the school board doesn’t care about these children not getting their high school diploma, you may be thinking go to a normal school, but what you don’t understand that a normal school won’t take these children because their credits are not where they need to be.

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