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Discover Pass-A-Grille Island

Coastal Living

Located on the skinny southern end of an island just off St. Petersburg, Pass-A-Grille is only a block wide–edged on one side by a long, alluring Gulf beach, and on the other by Boca Ciega Bay. Visitors browse quirky 8th Avenue–checking out A Little Room for Art (a tiny gallery with a resident cockatiel), Paradiso (tropical-flavored clothing), and the striking creations of contemporary jewelry designer (and local brewer of Evander Beer) Evander Preston. 

There’s time for lazing on fine sand and toasting another Gulf sunset on the Hurricane’s rooftop deck with a Beach Cruiser, a festive blend of rum and pineapple and cranberry juices, but Pass-A-Grille also makes a good base for exploring the mostly undeveloped islands at the mouth of Tampa Bay…

A beach colony steeped in the sands of history

The Boston Globe

Welcome to Pass-A-Grille, the oldest, most storied beach community on Florida’s west coast. Named for 18th-century “grilleurs” who dried fish on its white sands, it is one of 11 towns strung along the barrier islands that stand sentinel outside Tampa Bay. Locals call these towns the Gulf Beaches. But lumping them together as extensions of St. Petersburg or Clearwater would be “a gaucherie,” said Frank Hurley, local historian and octogenarian. Scratch the surface, and you will find that the July day in 1957 when Pass-A-Grille and the other municipalities were merged into St. Pete Beach is never far from local memory. “We call it Pass-A-Grille, never ‘the Grille,’ ” said Hurley’s brother Ken, saving me from a common gaffe…

From The many faces of Florida

Striped Pot

Start by taking the road to St. Pete Beach. When you reach the end, turn left and continue down to Pass-A-Grille. Prepare yourself for a laid-back, refreshing dip into the past. The pace is slow. Accommodations are modest, but clean and friendly. All are within a few steps from the beach with full views of the sunset. For those wishing more formal living, condos on Terra Verde are available for rent through the Sabal Palms Inn. Settled in? Now it’s time to explore Pass-A-Grille’s Historic District. It’s on the National Register of Historic Places and will give you a look at life as it was on the key for over 100 years. Quaint shops, cedar cottages and homes, colorful gardens, restaurants and snack bars; it’s all there…

Have you ever wondered what that building was?

The Beach Visitors Guide

Nestled between the million dollar mansions and just a pebble’s throw away from the opulent Don CeSar Hotel, stands an unassuming structure that has many wondering what goes on inside of it. “I’ve driven up and down Pass-A-Grille Way countless times and never knew what the building was for,” confided a beach visitor...

Travel: Pass-a-Grille on St. Pete Beach offers a snapshot of sleep Florida beach life

Florida Today

“See you at Sunset!” It's a frequent greeting in Pass-a-Grille. Folks gather at the Paradise Grille to watch the glowing red-orange sun sink into the Gulf of Mexico horizon. One lucky guest is chosen to ring a ceremonial ship's bell, exactly 15 times. Over the past two decades, seven thousand people from around the world have rung the bell and signed their names and remembrances in the guest books, now on their 20th volume. Call it a perfect snapshot of the sleepy little Keys-type community populated as much by pelicans as people. Occupying the narrow southern tail of St. Pete Beach, Pass-a-Grille is nestled between the Gulf of Mexico and Boca Ciega Bay...